Tanning the Safe Way

Forego the tanning beds and start tanning the safe way! Here’s 5 rules to follow this summer to get a healthy beautiful glow without sacrificing your health!

self taning

  1. It might feel good to be in the sun, but don’t spend too much time sunbathing! Trust me when I say, you’ll end up looking 20 years older in no time with leathery skin and sun spots. Plus, ever heard of a little thing called skin cancer?
  2. Use self tanning lotion or spray to get a natural-looking glow. Ladies – this stuff is REALLY GOOD. Our Beachfront Tanners have everything your skin craves while allowing you to build a tan, day by day. It’s just as easy as putting on your morning lotion—and your skin will thank you for it.
  3. Prep your skin before using your self tanner for optimal results. Seriously, you’ve got to exfoliate all of the dead skins away, otherwise you’ll end up with splotchy skin after using the self-tanner. It’s worth it to take those 5 extra minutes!
  4. Keep away from the water for 4-8 afters applying your sunless tanner. This means that you’re going to have to do the leg work the day before hitting the beach. The las thing you want is for your tan to wash right off.
  5. Once you notice your tan naturally fading, then you can exfoliate your skin before you reapply your self-tanner. Boom. You’re back in the game!

Tell me – do you guys use self-tanner or are you still hitting the tanning beds?

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