Makeup & Merlot Mondays: Skincare in Your 30s

Have you ever slept in your makeup? FOR SHAME! But seriously, I think most people have. In my 20s it was actually a common occurrence. I didn’t care about wrinkles. I didn’t care about aging. In my 30s, this has certainly changed! Skincare is more important than ever. Here’s an easy to follow skincare routine that you’ll feel great about! Feel free to watch the video below for the short version.

A product to exfoliate

I use our Charcoal Mud mask! Take the dead skin off so the new baby skin can shine through! Some people like to use scrubs but I find these too harsh on my skin. I love our Charcoal mask for taking away the icky, without overdrying!

A moisture boosting cleanser

In my 20s, I was all about fighting acne. In my 30s, I need the moisture! The products I used previously would leave my skin feeling tight and dry. I like to use a gentle cleanser that keeps my skin clean without removing all of the good oil I want on my skin.

A moisturizer with SPF

The skin is YOUR ENEMY! In your 20s, and especially in your 30s! While you were busy getting your tan on, you didn’t notice your skin aging at an alarming rate! SERIOUSLY! You need a moisturizer with SPF – the one I use gives me SPF20 so I can rock out in the sun without worrying about it!

An ant-aging night cream

Say hello to retinol – your new friend. This stuff is a god send. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines, while evening out your skin tone, getting rid of those awful aged spots – making your skin look bright, healthy – and most importantly – YOUTHFUL!

Grab these anti-aging skincare products here!

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