Request a Younique Catalogue

I want to make it super easy for you to request a Younique catalogue! While we are a social media-based company with all of our products available for purchase online, there are many who prefer to have a paper copy! Please send me an email at nikkibeautyboss@gmail.com to request to have a Younique catalogue mailed to you.

Are you looking for our online catalogue? No problem! Take a look at the April-August 2017 Younique catalogue online version. If you see something you love – feel free to shop Younique online here!

Younique Catalogue

Our catalogues are generally released twice a year – Once in the fall and once in the spring! While most of our products remain in our catalogue regardless of season, some products are only available for a limited time. We also like to switch up our famous makeup collections (that all come with a free makeup bag) and our Presenter’s Kit.

Once you get your catalogue, you can always reach out to be via Facebook or email if you have any questions at all! I would love to help you select the correct skincare products and makeup shades personalized just for you! Think of me as your personal makeup shopper – who has tried just about every makeup product there is to try!

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