Network Marketing for the Millennial – How the Landscape is Changing

The world as we know it is changing. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true! Millennials are the talk of the business world – mostly because of how “different” this generation is, but also because they are changing the work landscape. Millennial have been born with an unprecedented desire for entrepreneurship. Unsatisfied with the typical 9-5 job, they want something more. More freedom. More reward. More money. Just more. And network marketing has the answer.

One of the most accessible entrepreneur paths is through network marketing, because of the low start up costs and low risk.

Imagine – what if a young adult borrowed $5k to start their own business instead of $50k to go to college (think: arts degree), how do you think their lives would change over the next 4 years? 20 years?

“Unlike previous generations, for many millennials climbing the corporate ladders isn’t a goal they are striving to attain. Indeed, 60 percent are turning their backs on the traditional career path and instead, consider themselves entrepreneurs, with ideas, capital and plans for startup endeavors, according to for-profit Rasmussen College.

Of those still at a “regular” job, 71 percent are pining to quit and work for themselves and 60 percent stated they will leave within the next two years.

While the motivations for branching out into the world of entrepreneurship run the gamut, the No. 1 reason is freedom, followed by ability to choose projects and unlimited income potential.”

Read “Millennials Are Snubbing the Corporate World for Entrepreneurship” – for more!

Find Your “More”!

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