5 Reasons Why More People Are Joining the Makeup Business

Have you noticed that there seems to be an uptick in the number of people joining the makeup business? People from all walks of life and all industries have switched careers in hopes of launching themselves into the beauty industry. I have a few thoughts on why that might be!

  1. Flexible hours: Initially, this is why I started looking into making beauty my business! If you’re looking to stay home with the kids, work at your leisure, have flexibility in your schedule, the makeup industry provides this! You can become your own makeup freelance artist or rock your own online makeup business! The choice is yours.
  2. Creative and challenging work: This is my favourite part about having my own makeup business. I love the creative freedom it provides! I truly enjoy the work that I do! I enjoy the challenge of recreating beautiful looks and providing quality service to my customers.
  3. Unlimited earning potential: Yes, I’m serious. You can truly earn as much as you would like, unlike the restrictions of having a capped salary. In addition to earning your own commission, you have the opportunity to earn residual income by building your own makeup team.
  4. Helping others to feel beautiful and confident: Makeup is about more than physical beauty. It can begin to change you from the inside out. With your own makeup business, you provide your clients with more than just the products to feel beautiful – you are providing them with confidence applied directly to their face. Don’t be surprised if you also begin to feel more beautiful and confident! It’s contagious!
  5. Rewarding: My makeup business is one of the most rewarding opportunities I have had in my life. I run my business the way I like. I answer only to myself. I thoroughly enjoy the products that I sell. I love the creativity that I am able to tap into each and every day. I love helping others to be successful in their own makeup businesses. And I help my family to become financially secure.

If you’re considering a career in the makeup industry – I would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out and let’s chat!



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