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Is Younique a scam? Isn’t it a Pyramid Scheme?

“Isn’t Younique a pyramid scheme? Is Younique a scam?”

One of the most common questions I get asked by friends and family. So let’s find out, is Younique a scam?

My Younique Journey Begins – June 2013:

Younique was brand spanking new when I first came across this opportunity. There were less than 500 presenters around the world! I had given Scentsy a go previously, but didn’t have much success. Mostly because my heart just wasn’t in it. My husband wasn’t thrilled when I told him I wanted to try my hand at another direct sales business, but you know – I do what I want! I kept my expectations low. Many of these companies go under before they ever really succeed. And I really just wanted to make a few extra bucks here and there.

Is Younique too good to be true?

  • “The fastest growing direct sales company in history”?
  • Fantastic, high-quality, affordable makeup products?
  • “Opportunity to work from home!”
  • No pressure to sell, recruit or even buy your own stock? All selling is done via “virtual parties” and marketed primarily through your social media channels.
  • Get paid within THREE HOURS of every sale!
  • the list goes on right?

I mean really, reading back on that list it sounds to good to be true. But I took a chance! And thank God I did. Things were about to get very interesting.

“What is your Goal?”

In all the Social Media training courses that I deliver, all across Scotland, I ask the delegates to consider their GOAL – for each channel, and also their overall business goals too. I asked myself those same sorts of questions.

“How much will it cost me to join Younique?” & “How much money can I make?”

  • Many things in life come down to money – and this was no different. Initial outlay was, in my opinion, very low: £69 pounds, United States $99, Canada $119, Australia $129, New Zealand $139, Germany / France / Spain €107, Mexico $172 + shipping. This is the cost of the presenter’s kit, and it is priced FAR below retail for the products that you get. I figured you’re going to spend tens of thousands on a brick and mortar shop, so it’s worth the risk.
  • You can make a few bucks, to a few hundred to several thousand (dollars, pounds, euros etc)…or you can make nothing at all. Some people are making staggering amounts! Some end up with nothing. Like anything in life, I suspect you will get out of it what you put into it, eventually. The majority of my team has had no problem making their money back on the presenter’s kit.  Let me make this very clear – this is not“get rich quick” scheme. You can make money, DAMN GOOD MONEY, but for most people that is going to take time and elbow grease. Many people will give up before making a penny. It really depends on your circumstances, your attitude, your circle or network, and how committed you are.

The Birth of Team Empowerment

My favourite part about being a Younique presenter is my team. I’m not really a sales person. I can sling 3D Fiber Lash mascara with the best of them, but I really like helping others to rock their own businesses! So when my team grew, quite quickly honestly, I was thrilled. The cool thing about having a team? You RAKE in the money. Think of how much money you make selling your own products, and multiple that.

So what are my biggest Younique challenges?

There are WAY too many misconceptions about the business and our products.  People are skeptical. There is a stigma attached to direct sales, and while this view is changing, you will have to accept that people might look at you a little differently. But it’s okay, honestly. You have a better way. And many of those skeptics will come around eventually. The products are seriously good – but some people won’t try them simply because they are from an MLM company. It’s seriously silly! Once you get past those setbacks, you’ll usually find a customer for life.

In Conclusion…

Today, as a Purple status presenter with Younique, I will tell you that this opportunity is an absolute gift if you’re willing to take on a challenge. Are you up for it?

Thank you for reading, and if you need a Younique sponsor and/or have questions, then feel free to email: nikkibeautyboss (@)


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