Network Marketing for Introverts

If you’ve been following my blog and have seen some of my photos and/or videos, you might find it hard to believe that I’m an introvert. But I am! Introverts can actually be really great network marketers, so I hope you aren’t allowing that to hold you back! Here are some traits of introverts and how they can actually help you to succeed in network marketing!

1. Being Around Lots of People Drains Your Energy

I feel this one. Big time. Because being around so many people drains me of all of my energy, I avoid things like trade shows. Instead, I run my business online from the comfort, safety and tranquility of my office!

2. You Enjoy Solitude

I’m not going to lie, you will need to work with others in order to really succeed in network marketing. You’ll need to expand your network, make new friends that you may not have otherwise. However, you are your own boss. You network on your own terms. Having this control makes things a little bit more comfortable.

3. You Have a Small Group of Close Friends

As stated previously, you’re going to need to expand your circle of friends. But you’re going to meet some really amazing people along the way! You’re going to build a tribe of people around you who have similar goals and aspirations. So while you may have a larger group of friends, these are people who really “get” you.

4. People Often Describe You as Quiet and May Find It Difficult to Get to Know You

Introverts may be quiet, but we’re not shy! Don’t confuse the two. You’ve got this!

5. Too Much Stimulation Leaves You Feeling Distracted and Unfocused

As your own boss, you decide when you’ve had too much. Take breaks as needed! One of the cool things about network marketing is you’re building a life that is designed specifically for your needs! So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re able to take that much needed break without having to get anyone’s permission. Think more freedom – more vacations – more down time.

6. You Are Very Self-Aware

Not only are you self aware, but you are very aware of the needs of others. Which makes you a great salesperson! You know what other people need better than they know what they need! And you’re able, ready and willing to help them out any way that you can!

7. You Like to Learn By Watching

Imitation is an art form. Watch other leaders, learn how they succeed and adapt what you like to your own business. Network with other positive and successful people and watch your own life transform right before your eyes.

8. You Are Drawn to Jobs That Involve Independence

Be. Your. Own. Boss. Enough said!

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