5 Ways to Transition to Fall Makeup

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s getting cold around here! Summer is very quickly saying goodbye as fall approaches. Personally fall is my favourite season! I’m all about pumpkin spice, boots, sweaters and fall makeup! It’s time to put the bronzer away and transition your makeup. Here’s 5 ways to do just that!

fall makeup
Stoic matte liquid lipstick is perfect for fall!
  1. Swap out your bright shades of lipstick to nude and burgundy shades. Everything seems to tone down a little a long with the weather during fall. It’s time to bring out those beautiful dark red hues you tossed to the side. Keep your nudes shades around, they are timeless and great for summer AND fall!
  2. Try plum or dark burgundy to create your smokey eye for those nights out. It’s all about the reds, browns and golds! I love me a smokey eye, but consider grabbing for your fall eye pigments rather than that beautiful lilac purple you’ve been using all summer.
  3. Use a matte foundation for a natural look. During the summer months it’s all about that dewy glow. Unless you want to look like a sweaty mess, swap it out for a matte foundation this season. You can use a matte liquid foundation, like the Younique Touch Liquid Foundation or try out a Pressed Powder that you can toss in your oversized purse.
  4. Using a moisturizer is key! With the cool air brings dry skin! This is one of the biggest issues I have during fall and winter. I highly recommend getting yourself a quality moisturizer for the day and a hydrating night cream to apply before bed. It doesn’t matter how great your makeup is – if you’re applying it to dry flakey skin, it’ll never look right.
  5. Pop gold on those lids for a timeless look! Gold is a girl’s best friend and fall is the perfect time to pull it out of your makeup kit! Gold goes with just about anything – including those beautiful burgundy hues I was talking about before!

Ready to stock your kit with new fall makeup? I got your back girlfriend!

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